Peterborough Cadets Sail Schooner Challenge

Sea Cadet photos

The Peterborough Sea Cadets set sail aboard the great lakes schooner Challenge for seamanship training at the end of June 2018.

The Challenge is a 96-foot-long three masted sailing vessel whose home port is the Toronto Harbor. The cadets, all aged 12-18, had the opportunity to take on a variety of tasks including raising the sails, charting a course, and taking the helm to steer the ship. For the handful of new recruits that were present, this was the first opportunity to have this kind of training; for the older cadets, this on-water experience was just a small part of the seamanship training that they have received throughout their cadet careers.

The Sea Cadet program provides youth across Canada with seamanship and sail training, and frequently gives the cadets the opportunity to take part in on-the-water training in a variety of watercraft, at no cost to the cadets or their families. The Sea Cadet program is just one branch of the Canadian Cadet Organization, whose overall goals are to promote good citizenship, leadership, and physical fitness. The program is funded entirely by the Department of National Defense and the local branch of the Navy League of Canada

Joining Sea Cadets costs nothing. There is no annual fee, uniforms are free, summer camps are free, there is no cost to be a Sea Cadet

Come check us out at the Peterborough Armoury, at 220 Murray Street on Wednesday nights from 6:15pm to 9:30pm. For more information, call 705-313-5426 or email